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How does the discount work?

All discount codes are available as per the Terms & Conditions stated in the promotional campaign (if any).

Discount code would have to be applied at the specific discount column prior payment page by choosing the discount voucher at voucher page. 

How much is the shipping fee?

Hereby attached the shipping fee details as below
– Flat rate of RM6 for orders below RM30
– FREE shipping for orders above RM30

How to redeem Ang Ang’s Roastery Gift Card?

Here is how you can redeem your Ang Ang’s Roastery Gift Card:

1. The recipient receives Ang Ang’s Roastery Gift Card through the apps notifications.
2. Open the Ang Ang’s Roastery apps and click “Tap to redeem” at the main page.
3. Once tapped, the gift card amount will auto appears in the Apps Wallet Balance.
Kindly contact to our team if you have further inquires.

How to send Ang Ang’s Roastery Gift Card?

The instruction below is how you can send out Ang Ang’s Roastery Gift Cards to your loved ones.

1. Go to “Account Page” & select “Send Gift Card”.
2. Choose your preferred gift card design.
3. Enter your gift amount between RM10 – RM100 with no cents.
4. Fill in your recipient’s phone number.
5. Add your greetings or use sample greetings given.
6. Select a payment method.
7. Proceed to “Checkout” and process the payment. Once completed, a transaction report will be saved in “Gift Card” at account page.
8. The recipient will receive the Ang Ang’s Roastery Gift Card through the apps notifications, which will appears on the main page.
9. The recipient will receive the gift card amount and keep in his or her merchant wallet balance as shown in the main page.
10. You may check your purchased gift card transaction under “Gift Card” at account page.
11. To re-share, you can use the instructions as above.
Kindly contact to our team if you have further inquires.

I obtained the voucher, but I ran out of time to utilize it. Can I reclaim it?

Unfortunately, no. When the voucher is claimed or added to your voucher wallet, you have a certain period of time when you click to redeem the voucher.

Some of our vouchers are repeated, BUY2FREE1 and Cash Voucher (RM3, RM6, RM9, RM12).

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for each voucher available for more information

How do I get my free Birthday Cake?

It is available to customers who have signed up for our birthday rewards program. On your birthday, a voucher for a birthday cake will be automatically added to your account. Remember to redeem the voucher within 30 days from your birthday date.

To use this voucher, simply choose any cake of your choice with a minimum of TWO (2) items added to the cart. Select your birthday voucher at checkout.

Enjoy your delicious Birthday Cake!


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