French Press


Also known as a coffee plunger, coffee press or press pot, the French press is one of the simplest yet rewarding ways to make a rich and delicious cup of coffee. Low-tech with its cylinder glass (or steel or plastic) beaker topped with a lid that has a plunger and a built-in meshed piston, this tool doesn’t need any electricity and is highly portable. In fact, it hasn’t changed its design much since its invention in 1929 by Milanese designer Attilio Calimani. Basically, the idea is to put coffee grounds in the beaker, add water, let them steep together, and let the mesh piston filter out the finished product from the grounds. It may sound simple, but with the right technique, you can be sure to come up with consistently full-bodied, full-flavored coffee each time.

What You'll Need

• 8 cup french press brewer
• 56g of freshly ground coffee
• Measuring spoon or scales (optional)
• Burr grinder (optional)

Brew Time

Coffee Amount

Grind Size

Water Amount & Temp

Brew Time


Works Perfectly With

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